Victor was raised in Pomona since a young age. Since he was a kid, he loved and believed in the change that the city can offer. Being a Pomona Unified School District Alumni he has experienced the potential that our children and youth can achieve.

At the age of 15 Victor got his first job as a box boy at local supermarket in Pomona where he learned the meaning of hard work, integrity and reliability. Victor wants to develop these kinds of opportunities for young adults in Pomona.

Through his involvement in the community he has fostered partnerships to collaborate on creating an inclusive community. Victor has worked with local organizations such as, The dA Center for the Arts, DayOne, Latino Roundtable, Pomona Valley Democrats and Pomona Promise. He aspires to engage the community with local resources.

As a lifelong Pomona resident, Victor wants to continue giving back to the community through serving as your Pomona City Council District 2 Representative. His energy, spirit of community, and skill for solving simple and complex problems through collaboration are what make Victor the ideal leader for Pomona.

Victor has a prosperous vision of how District 2 can continue to grow through, community engagement, safety & presence. Through your support in moving Pomona forward we can bring solutions to District 2