Elect Victor!

Community Engagement
Victor is a community builder that loves connecting with the people of District 2 and is always finding ways to strengthen the connections within the community. District 2 has great resources in downtown Pomona, amazing parks and great people. He believes that our district. should be setting the example and leading the rest of the city with how we build community, how we work to integrate the incredible diversity of assets and people in our city.

District 2 is a growing community with a diverse group of people. Victor is solution driven and aspires to make District 2 a more comfortable city for all Pomona families. Where families can spend time together and welcome visitors to enjoy and appreciate the wonderful culture. Working to create a relationship with local key residents to foster a prosperous community.

Victor is a progressive member of our community. He believes that we can grow and aspire through being involved and inclusive. Victor has been part of multiple organizations that collaborate on being present in our city. He currently participates in weekly clean ups and was the co-chair of Pomona Beautification Day. Victor is always ready to step up and be present for District 2.